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A child of divorce and an abusive home life, Kamran Khosravi is no stranger to hardships. At the age of 9, he was passed around from family member to family member until one day he found himself a teenager living on the streets of Tehran.

Armed with nothing but a suitcase, Kamran was determined to make a better life. He pawned everything he had and got just enough money to start his first entrepreneurial venture. At the age of 14, Kamran bought books and sold them on the street to local University student

At 17, he start working for one of the largest tour companies in the country. In addition, he started working as a real estate agent. While juggling both jobs, he quickly showed his personal leadership and sales abilities. By the end of his first year, he was organizing and leading tours of over a thousand people a week.

By 21, with the momentum of his success, Kamran was able to move to Los Angeles and pursue the American dream. He used his real estate experience to start in the mortgage industry and eventually grew his company to earn $30 million closing per month.

In 2006, he was recognized as businessman of the year in his local newspaper and had various articles published in real estate and mortgage banking publications.

In addition to his company work, Kamran has been involved in self help training courses since October 1997. Through mentors and masters of transformational training he found a way to share the keys of his success to others.